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HW-K650 and Two R1 Wirelss Speakers in 5.1 With KS7000 TV

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Yes, you're right, I went down the soundbar and remote speaker route because of the convience. But I've decided that it is worth putting up with the extra wires etc., just to have the peace if mind that when I turn everything on, everything works, every time.






Hey Dave


If only my other half could see things as clearly. Lol. 😝 



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Hello all,


I just found this thread tonight and I'm really happy to see that I'm not the only one with these f*****g surround issues. I have the 8500 and two M3.


If you say that setting 2.0 on Netflix solve the issue, is not really hardware related? Anyway, I really hope that Samsung is working on a solution...


If i buy an optical cable, it will be better or absolutely not?


Thierry, from Switzerland


Yep buy an optical cable and you will get surround sound, but you have to use the small remote for the sound bar to adjust the sound.



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Thank you for your feedback.


I'll test with the optical cable.


If it's temporary solution waiting for a patch, it's fine for me.




If by temporary you mean for over 6 months now.

Also guys, I have outlined earlier in the thread how to configure the Samsung TV remote to control the soundbar (when using Optical), if you have one of the 2016 K series TVs.


... Not to mention the fact that Samsung's position is that there is no problem. Their most resent statements indicate that this will never be fixed. If you can return your equipment then I would definitely  recommend doing so.


Don't get screwed like me who thought they would fix the issues and waited until it was too late to return everything...   


Same here........ Misplaced faith they would resolve........ Oh how I wish I took it all back when I had a chance. 


Hi Abob, maybe worth mentioning that not all 2016 K Series have the Samsung Universal control that can be programmed........ Unfortunately mine doesn't. 


I had to go but one from Argos to try and overcome the remote issues. 


Not heard anything further yet but I am hoping this is because they are considering the issues we have throughly. 


I have had a few more email address's Pm'd to me and have sent these to samsung also. 


Anyone else who wants to get involved please Pm me........ I will probably do the watchdog and trading standards bit over the weekend, hoping I get some more email contact details. 

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I have been tracking this thread for months now as I have similar config as most on here and same issues. Really appreciate lots of good work to try and get Samsung to do the right thing and fix what they borked in the first place.


I have highlighted this thread to John Archer who does all the AV reviews for Techradar. Basically his review was one of the reasons I bought the soundbar in the first place. He recently reviewed the latest Sammy soundbar (HW-MS650) and I commented via twitter that I hope 5.1 wireless surround works better than on the HWK 650.


His reply was along the lines that couild be the reason why Sammy did not supply a pair of wireless rears for the review.


Having read this thread he has agreed to raise it with Samsung. 


Only a small contribution but you never know. 


To coin a fraise. Every little helps. Thank-you. 



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