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HW K430 soundbar continuously mutes itself

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A strange issue on my HW K430 soundbar that started this morning as I swtiched the tv on. The soundbar automatically mutes itself no matter what I do or what input I select. So for tv, I cycle to D.In, it then displays the volume level and the TV sound is coming through the bar but after it times out back to D.In it mutes itself and the only way to unmute it is to turn the volume either up or down, then when it times out again to display D.In it mutes again.


I've tried unplugging everything, tried a different optical cable that I know is working fine, tried it on another tv, same issue, and taken the battery out of the remote etc, but nothing helps, I still get the same problem. The hard buttons on the end aren't working either with the exception of the source cycle button.


If anyone has any experience or knowledge of this I'd be really grateful to hear about it! 


Thanks in advance!


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having the exact same issue, any help is appreciated!

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I also have the same issue. Anyone found a solution yet?

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Yes! The issue with mine was the buttons on the side, or the ribbon cable connecting it to the main board. I never used them anyway so I opened it up, disconnected the buttons, and reassembled. Remote still works, issue resolved!
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