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HW-H751 Soundbar

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I have lost all output from my soundbar, although the sub continues to work!  Tried all inputs, same result, only output is from sub.

Firmware is upto date and both tubes appear to be glowing.

Any ideas?  Would be a shame to scrap it after just 4 years!




I suggest you start by resetting the soundbar by pressing the two buttons (+ and -) on the soundbar.

If it still does not work, try to update the soundbar via USB, as you would be sure to have the latest update.


Here is the direct link to download it:


Hope it works.

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hi Mart75,


DId you get resolution to your problem.  I have exactly the same issue on my HW-H750 soundbar; also about 4 years old.  The sub works but no sound whatsoever from the bar itself.  Hvae tried all inputs, including Bluetooth connection to a Phone to ensure its not a TV connection issue.  Both valves/tubes appear to be glowing.



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Sadly, no luck! It did spring back to life briefly, but only briefly.  

Regrettably, had to go out and get a new one.


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Hello, did you resolve this problem ?

I have the same case, no sound from sound bar but sound from sub.

The garantuee already expires, and I really like this sound bar.

I already called the support, but they had no idea.

I think the issue comes from the firmware.

It would be great to get any update, or source code to get my own bug fix.

Thank you.

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No, sorry.  I treated myself to a Sonos setup and havent looked back.

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