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HW-7500R soundbar

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My Soundbar is unable to scroll through the source options. It is frozen in TV mode. I can’t connect it to my TV nor the sub. 


I have tried to reset the soundbar by holding the play/pause button on the remote. Nothing hsppens and the word INIT doesn’t appear. I have tried to use a USB stick to update the firmware but nothing happens


Any ideas please? 

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I should add the system worked perfectly until recently.
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Having exactly the same problem,except my soundbar won't connect to the sub either.Stuck on D.IN and hdmi nor optic produce sound.

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I couldn’t fix mine so took into a Samsung service centre. Had to have a corrupted board replaced. Cost £120. I reckon an automatic firmware update corrupted the board as I can think of no other reason why a corruption would suddenly occcur. 

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