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Distorted higher frequency sound [?] on the Samsung HW-K450 soundbar

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I bought a HW-K450 a month ago and now noticed that there seems to be a distortion when higher frequency sound are played, like women speaking in TV shows or certain piano notes. It sound like the feedback loop sound you get when you test your microphone but you're on speakers.

I checked various things trying to pinpoint what the issue lies but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be either the cable, the soundbar settings (tried to change pretty much everything) or the audio file. It even occurs when I'm playing audio through BT from my phone.

I recorded the distorted sound and put it on Soundcloud, you can hear it the most from 2s to 8s of the file.

The original song for comparison

- the Soundcloud part starts from 00:06.

If someone could help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated - once I started hearing the sound I can't unhear it. Is my soundbar just faulty? :(

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