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Bug with WAM R6 speakers and DEEZER audio service

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I have 2 WAM 6500 speakers (firmware 3117.1/134R) and a MS750 soundbar (firmware 1146.4 /196R).
 I noticed several bugs on the WAM 6500 speakers. The soundbar is NOT affected by these bugs.
The bugs concern the DEEZER audio service. 
Many playlists do not work. When you choose them, you get the following error:
 "DEEZER: internal server error" or "selected item is out of range". Sometimes the program displays an other playlist instead of the one you selected.  
All these playlists work correctly on the sound-bar. The issue is affecting only the WAM 6500 speakers. However, when you group the speakers with the sound bar, only the bar continues to play the music. 
It seems that the speakers with the newest firmware are not fully compatible with the DEEZER music service.
Could you please correct the firmware.
Best regards,
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