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Bluray player HT-J4530 Bluray disks

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Browsed google this seems like a common problem.

Have used my player faultlessly for a year now.

I never needed it connected to the internet before but did for some reason and updated the fimware.

Now the thing wont play Blu rays, just spits it straight out saying cant play, please check disk.

Plays standard DVDs fine.

What the hell?


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Superuser I

Hi  @Garty, you may well have the latest fimware but just checking  you upgraded to   1017.3. If somehow this one not available OTA could update via USB as detailed here


However as the firmware was late 2017 suspect you are up to date, a  possible fix is to reset the player by holding the stop button for longer than 5 seconds,  are settings will be reset to the default values. You could also disconnect for say 5 minutes.    Just in case, are you able to check another HDMI cable?   Could be though that there has been a malfunction, it is  a different reader for Blu Ray Disc.   If tried all else you may need to contact an AV product specialist for advice

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