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BD-H8900M 3d Blu-ray wirh Freeview recorder 500GB / does not retain stored channels

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Recently purchased the above. The setup was straight forward, no issues. All Freeview channels found. Logged into my Samsung account to download apps etc. All going well. However, when the device comes out of stand-by and or a power on it does not retain any settings and it wants to auto tune; set-up the wi-fi and I need to log back into my Samsung account. So far every time the device comes out of stanby this happens. So in effect pretty usesless. Our Samsung 3D TV has none of these issues, and our previous Samsung 3d Blu-ray Freview recorder had none of these issues either.


Any one with similar issues?

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Sorry, got the wrong model number. Mine is the 500GB HDD model

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