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Audio lag on HW-Q70R

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I just bought a Q80R tv and a Q70R soundbar and I'm having audio lag issues with external devices when using any sort of surround options.

  • All my devices are connected to the 'one connect' box (PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, set top box) and the soundbar is connected to the HDMI ARC port.
  • Setting the PS4 and cable box to Dolby Digital creates an audio lag that is very noticeable. Watching Netflix through the TV has no issues.
  • The sync settings on both the TV and soundbar were already set to 0 so I can't even adjust it through there. 

If I connect the PS4 directly to the soundbar then it works fine but the TV doesn't recognize the device and doesn't optimize it to gaming mode automatically (also since there's only one input on the soundbar it leaves the other devices with the same problem.


This is very dissapointing, I spent quite a bit of money on this setup and it's ridiculous that such an issue occurs as this is the whole point of the products.

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I have the same problem. Also have an issue when the sky q is connected directly to the sound bar with a blank screen! How ever the lipsync issue goes but having to reset the sky q box every sjmgle day connected this way is terrible!! 



A 'me too' post.


I've just purchased the Q90R TV in 55" plus the HW-Q70R soundbar and subwoofer.  Had all sorts of issues getting the soundbar recognised by the SmartThings app, but now it is, and updated with the latest firmware (1007.9 126R), I find that the lip sync is a LOT better.

Strangely the lip sync issues were with Freeview HD content from my TalkTalk Freeview box played out over the HDMI ARC cable.  For some odd reason SD channels are okay.  Even HD channels are okay when the audio is from the TV's own spreakers.  Lastly, FreeSat from the one connect box tuner was fine irrespective of where or how it was played out to the sound bar.

So maybe see what firmware you're running and update by way of the SmartThings app?


Sorry, spoke too soon :'(


Lip sync now fades in and out, also on SD channels.  have yet to perform the test using the TV's own speakers Vs HW-Q70R.


So yes, we still need a fix from Samsung please. 


I have exactly the same issue. Spoke with Samsung via chat and all they suggested was to return the Q70R to the retailer to replace it. Replace it for something with exactly the same problem??


I did exactly the same and got the same response about returning my unit. So I'm on the replacement unit and still have the same issue.


So that's not a solution either! 


So,  Samsung, we still need a fix and not a kludge. 


Precisely John. Even a luddite such as me would know that there would be no difference between a brand new unit and one which is 2 weeks old. Especially given the fact that it is clearly not a hardware issue! Glad I didn't waste my time and fuel driving on a wild goose chase. I find the situation disgusting that a product is supplied which is clearly not fit for purpose

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Keeping this alive by posting a me too here as well!


Q90R 55" and Q70R soundbar set up over the weekend - significant (on going) issues getting the TV to recognise ARC/that the soundbar is a soundbar and not a "Receiver", and when I can get it working severe lip sync problems....

A ‘me too post’ here too!

I’ve an Q950R and Q90R soundbar with the same problem with my ps4 pro. If any one has the solution, please tell me! A big problem! Normaly I’ve everything from samsung, but i’m thinking about to buy another brand for tv and soundbar.
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Same here! Q60 TV and Q70 Soundbar and the audio lag is most evident on Freeview HD channels. I guess we have to just sit it out until a software update comes through. I wonder if there's a similar issue with other models of the soundbar. I will get in touch with support in the meantime and see if they have another solution.


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