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Audio lag on HW-Q70R


So I'm guessing this is an issue with most of the Q series. Mine is a Q80R. Sure hope they fix it in the 2020 models. And replace ours that don't work. 


Just got in 8k HDMI 2.1 cables and switched them out as someone suggested. Still the same problem so that's not the fix. 

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I have no idea if my dolby atmos is working or not. but my PS4 has 1 sec delay on the sound.

i connected ps4 to the tv. and the tv to the soundbar.

some say i should connect the ps4 to the soundbar but i dont get any sound out.


I have the Q85R tv and the Q70R sound bar.

I believe the main problem is when the sound is via the tv to the sound bar from and external source.

If I watch freeview or use any apps on the tv the sound is fine through the sound bar but if I watch SkyQ or use my PS4 I get sound lag through the sound bar but not if I turn off the sound bar and use the tv speakers.

Turning off Dolby on the SkyQ or PS4 also stops the lag so at the moment SkyQ and PS4 are both on normal sound output so no sound lag.


It is the tv that is the problem I believe as if I connect either SkyQ or the PS4 direct to the sound bar the sound is fine.

I have the sound bar connected to from the  tv HDMI ARC port to the sound bar HDMI ARC port with SkyQ in  HDMI 2 and the PS4 in the HDMI 4 port.


I did get a reply from Samsung when I sent a few messages about the problem with links to various forum posts an out this issue and the reply was


" With regards to having sound that is out of sync with picture, we would like to inform that we have not received any reports from our engineers that this known on your given soundbar model and TV model. Know that your soundbar and TV has undergone rigorous process of quality checks and tests before being released. On the other hand, we will still check the links that you provided so that we can conduct a separate investigation. "


I will reply with a link to more forum posts and if others are in contact with Samsung they should link posts in there reply.

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My sound seems to be ok at the moment when not using wireless, I will keep an eye on this and check if it's when using Dolby atmos etc so I am geared up when contacting customer services 


Look folks, if you want to achieve something, you need to be loud. We need tech sites to write about this problem. For now, please spam all these Twitter accounts with following hashtags: #earcWithersGate #earcSamsungGate










@StephenWithers @Samsung @SamsungUS @SamsungUK @SamsungSupport @SamsungTV Where is the promised eARC support for 2019 TV's & Soundbar's top models? We feel cheated! #earcWithersGate #earcSamsungGate


I had enough with the problem and the response from samsung.

I have returned the soundbar for a refund.

I connected up my old basic soundbar and had the same problems with Doulby sound oputput from external devices.

Phoned Samsung and got them to agree to a refund so getting the tv a Q85R picked up by currys for a full refund.


Good luck to those who are still trying to sort the problem out.


Probable the last time I buy a Samsung tv after the poor customrer service and denial of any problrem.

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Is this still going on for you guys? 


We have the Q90r75 with the q70r soundbar and the lip sync is a killer. 


I have tried everything. The misses convinced me to get the soundbar. So far it is *****e. 


I returned my Q80 tv and bought the Q90 tv and have the same problem with the Q70 soundbar. They just don't work together. Huge disappointment with so much money down the drain. 

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I have the Q90r tv and find that if you have the settings set so it's through hdmi and not WiFi it works on pretty much everything 

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