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Anynet/HDMI-CEC and ARC not working


Ok I got it working.  Not exactly sure what made it work but the last few steps were to unplug the TV wait 30 seconds plug it back in and then plug in the hdmi cable in port 4 and setup the receiver like new.  It has been working for 2 days now.

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Hi. You're right. This has been working for me for a long time, but I have to disconnect all the time and I have to reset the TV again. Then again all of them work for a while. And after that it is necessary to reset and disconnect and reconnect the cables. I have to repeat everything for a while.

This helped me on the samsung info line. But no one told me I would have to repeat it.

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I've just taken delivery of a QE55Q8DN and have this Anynet+ CNC issue where my amp won't turn on with the TV. Having seen this issue dates back to 2012 I won't hold my breath waiting for a fix. 


Same issue.   Have Qled 75 and onkyo and got it working by unplugging both.  Worked for a day now it's not.


Hi Paul,

I have worked with Samsung Technical support many times with this issue. I also had a technician arranged by Samsung to come to my house and see if this could be fixed. While he was here, he talked with Engineers of Samsung and as he stated, "the highest level he could take this to". Bottom Line...


He could not fix it and told me that it is an issue with all Samsung Smart TVs and compatibility with Non-Samsung products in term of the ARC and CEC-HDMI. We could get it to work but the functionality only lasted 10 minutes to 1 day at the longest. I can get it to work every time by unplugging the TV and resetting everything up. Works like a dream for 10 minutes to 1 day.


The technician sent out by Samsung recommended to me that I take the TV back to Best Buy and purchase a Sony or any other good brand. He does not see this with any top TV brands other than Samsung.


You got any better ideas?







Hi John, 

I think that is unacceptable from Samsung!

My system is working for some time, I've connected the pc, blu-ray, TV box, to ports on the Samsung hub, and output them to the TV channel of the receiver. I know it's not the best sound wise nor image (because if the receiver's processor) but at least arc and cec work..

Good luck on that. But I'm shocked that a Samsung technician recommends other brands..!!!

Good holidays to all


Had technician come out today and pretty sure I knew more than him.  I showed him how it wasn't working or showing how the receiver was not an option on audio.  I then unplugged the TV for maybe 2 minutes plugged it back in and it showed up.  He was in the phone with Samsung and they blamed Onkyo.  I said nope it's a Samsung issue as others here have the same problem with different recievers so I got no where.


I may have figured how to deal with this.  Still testing but I've been turning my TV off before my receiver and turning on reciever before tv and so far it has not dropped arc connection.


Hey all,

I found a way to keep it working when ARC connection is lost: I disconnect the tv from the power outlet during the night and the next day I plug it back in. Apparently it resets the error and the receiver output works again with ARC...

I'm not sure it works with everyone, but at least it has been working for me.

Happy holidays

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How has this test been going for you?  Sounds like I have the exact problem. I have a Q65fn with onkyo receiver and the arc was  working for 1 month before spontaneously stopping. Now the audio has no HDMI option on the tv for audio out. I’m going to try unplugging the tv tonight and then try to follow your tv then receiver then in reverse to start back up each time. Mine is a huge pain because my outlet for the tv is mounted on the wall behind the tv, which is mounted. 

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