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All Samsung 4k/Atmos products cannot stream 4k/Atmos


to Check 

4k atmos

8k 60fps atmos (your TV is a 4K then is not a efficence option TX in 8K for you or that user at the moment)


A router with many antennas (minimum 3 for a Gigabit Ethernet cable equivalence in MB) for Parallel TX could help to your TV get max bandwitch by WIFI.


But by cable you will have better values and usually more stable, as you know well.


We continue with expectation about our question. Thank again and research about the AC 160Mhz special channel if you can use it for multimedia in exclusive mode.


Sometimes you can select a packet and apply specials rules on it.


Bye and thank you for all 


For fluid very high connection, evidentily you will need more hardware as all networks...


Other example TDT or  TDT2, we will have best resolutions and options, will be in some places as Germany as soon as possible.


I think only one solution at the moment is the expansion slot or a direct connection by USB for Upgrade or port in the Network with special Sofware use or something similar.


Greeting and have a good day too


Check Samba for your network and Tamachi but of course also deppend of the others peoples connections.


You know what I will do, I will connect one of my Servers Cat8 cable directly into my Bluray player this evening using a static IP.

I wonder if it will work then.


My Server has 2x Xeon CPU's (E5-2697A v4), 128GB DDR4 RAM @ 2400Mhz and the disk with the 4k Video goes about 500-600 MB/s and it has 2x 1gbps ethernet cables running in LACP. Mega overkill, the whole house is Cat8 or Wifi with 1gbps swiches.

I will remove the LACP and run the cable directly to the Bluray and TV for the test today. I already tested it without LACP on the network and it had the same problem.


I will post my results 


For streamig check graphic card instructions to derive or as output to stream, nvidia has a special technology for games streaming and could be you can have more options for your setup or invention.


Also you need to create a diferenciate server between transmition and host, virtualize your contens.


After that you should create a extra radio network and you could use all post here citaded.


Also you can create buffer host and is estabished by network.


Also you need to check temperatures.


But about 8K streaming you will need a good multicore processor and enought resources for the quality and post-treatment,  and bandwidth that you need to be able to get that capacity to show your desired results also, and it does not depend of 3rd part resources, in your TV, but How will you control the bandwidth of other devices for optimum experiences in external network or devices of diferent manufactures and capacities?


I'm not here for fix network problems and theoric servers 8K at the moment, I have not interest now, but I could tell you some recomendations. Pleased pass time with you, you can practice to raise your skills. After than we will need the real capacity to get more than 1Gb connection by WiFi.


Thank all is too late for me, I need to finish some practices :kiss kiss: 


Hi tried to connect it directly but it did not want to connect.

My CPU's are stable even at 100% they do not reach high temps. Both CPU's have a total of 32 core, 64 threads with a turbo of 3.60 GHz 


I can normally transcode multiple streams and it does it without any problems.


I am busy trying to find media containers (mp4 ,mkv) that the Bluray player or my TV can support without losing quality.

Maybe I can find a solution that works perfect with Samsung.


Thank you for your time and knowledge


Try to test to create an easy Multimedia Center with DLNA is easy to do and you have a lot of manuals.


The main objective of DLNA technology is to communicate various devices in a simple way with the final purpose of sharing content directly. This communication can be done via WiFi or through an Ethernet connection.


You will have UPnP for ports manage and some programs to show and set.


Check if can be useful for your setup while we continue waiting some information about Samsung Expansion Slots, because you could to find a possible battleneck problem on your TV ethernet connection in your network. Also, If your network card is Gbit, internally you only will have 1Gb to share in all devices at maximun and not 2Gb from the Provider.


Tell us if sample videos of last day in 4K could be seen correctly directly from your TV.


See you @Paulus88 and have you a good week 


Also tell us your TV model to check if is available for upgrade by Futures Expansion Slots and know about the technical specifications of the TV.



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