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2018 65" Q9F & Studio Stand with Soundbar

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I recently bought a 65" 2018 Q9F TV with the Studio Stand. According to the manual, I should be able to attach my HW-MS650 soundbar. However, there is not enough space to attach a soundbar. Am I doing something wrong or was the soundbar only inteded for 2017 65" QLED TVs? 

If it doesn't work: I really love the design of the Studio Stand. Does somebody know something similar which is also compatible with my soundbar?

Thank you :-) 

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Okay, I found a solution. I ordered this very nicely designed stand:


The support team assured me that it should be stable enough to hold a sound bar and my 65" TV. :-)


Pity that I can't use my Studio Stand anymore but this looks as good as Samsung's stand. 

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