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Samsung Wireless Charging and Galaxy S7

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I have just purchsed a Samsung Galaxy S7 (running 6.0.1) and an official Samsung Wireless Charger (EP-NG930). Last night I placed the phone on the charger and although the phone recognised it and commenced charging, a second or two later the phone issued a message confirming "Wireless Charging Paused" and the charging base then flashed blue. The phone had about 45% remaining power.


No matter what I tried (rebooting phone, restarting the charging base, checking the cable, etc) nothing would get it to work. In the end I had to plug the cable into the phone to get it to charge. I am using the official charger and cable that came with the phone.


This morning the phone was fully charged and I used it for a bit. I then gave the charging pad a go again and it seemed to work this time?


Can anyone help with these questions:


1) Why is this paused state triggered?

2) Will charging resume automatically if I had just left the phone on the wireless charging base?

3) Is it safe to leave the phone on the charging base (or plugged into charger) all night (even if fast charging is enabled)?


I have scouted the web and although there are quite a few reports of this issue on the S6 and S7 edge, the solutions just don't work.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hey there, smjohns. :smileyhappy:


Beyond the cable connection, a few things can cause the pausing state:


1. On the phone itself, check what the Daydream/Screensaver settings are. Apps > Settings > Display > Screensaver, toggle it to On, then More > Select When to Use > While Charging. This'll stop the phone from going completely to sleep whilst charging.


2. The pad uses electromagnetic induction, so speakers and other EM sources may interfere with it.


3. Additional cases or covers on the phone may also reduce the efficiency of the wireless charging.


Unsure if you've checked these though.


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Hi AntS,


Thanks for the reply. I do have screensaver enabled as read about this on other sites reporting the issue but this did not resolve the issue (and not sure why it should unless there is some weird bug). I do have a case but it is the Samsung official leather back case, which I was assured by Samsung is compatible. Just for completeness, I tried it without the case and it paused too. In respect of your final point, there are no other items on my beside cabinet that would cause electro magnetic interference.


For your information, this is a genuine Samsung wireless Fast charger with the genuine samsung adaptive charger and USB cable (that came with the phone). I have a second wireless charger at work with another samsung charger and cable at work and this one works perfectly.


Having scoured the web, I found a few people recommend trying different cables / sockets, etc. I moved the charger around the apartment but the issue was apparent on all sockets. I then swapped the Samsung original (white) usb cable with an old (but chunkier) Nokia cable I had. This was a little shorter than the Samsung one.


With this cable the wireless charging is now working and much more reliable. I still get the issue very occasionally but generally it now works. So why is this Samsung USB cable not compatible? I have tried it with a direct connection to the phone and it fast charges without any issue, and transfers data so the cable is definitely in tact. The same type of cable works perfectly on my desk wireless charger so it can't be an inherant flaw.


Are Samsung aware of such issues with these cables? Is there a swap out programme? Or could the cable be fine but it's a problem with the charging base?


I look forward to any additional help you can provide.

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