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Samsung S7 Killing SD Cards

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My Samsung S7 G930f has killed a Samsung Pro 64gb SD card then I put a 32gb SanDisk Ultra in and a few weeks later this card is now not working. Has anybody else had this problem.

I don't want to keep buying cards only for them to die, I use the wireless charging a lot and was wondering if this is causing problems.


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Could you give us some more info on this, @Deezelpower?


What do you mean by not working? Does the phone stop recognising the SD card? Do they work in different devices? 



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Has anyone got the to the bottom of this issue yet. I've got a Samsung pro + 128 card in my S7 and I now can't save camera pictures to my SD card. Phone recognises card but I can't save anything to it. Only started doing this after the latest software update.
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I have lost 4 sd cards at this point. Seems to have started at the marshmallow deployment and happens around patch time.

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In my case the 3rd phone doing the exact same thing. It gets extremely hot, reboots and then  says the SDcard has been unexpectedly removed, please replace. At this point you can't see the sad card in the phone or any other device.

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I tried something simple yesterday and it appears to have worked, for how long I'm not sure. All I did was unmount the SD card from within the settings and then mount it again and since yesterday morning it appears to be ok. I'll keep checking for the next few days and report back.

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Has there been an update or anyone knows a possible solution to this problem?

My device (S7 Edge) keeps dropping my sd card now and then (approx. once a day). It works fine one minute, the next it is not visible in the device anymore and I have to restart the phone for it to be usable again.

Obviously all the data on the card (music, photos, documents) dissapears as well.

If I don't restart the phone for some time the phone will overwrite everything on the card and create new system folders as if it was a freshly formatted card which means I have to use recovery software to get my files back ("thankfully" this happened only twice).

At the moment when the phone drops the card I can take it out and plug into my PC and it works fine on Windows. Reads and writes with no issues, so I know it's not the card's fault.

As you can imagine this is extremely frustrating and I can confirm this started after the Nougat update.

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Yesterday at home, want to save the last photos.

Last photo showed up a second and than black.

(Ok same thing like months before.)

But now DCIM on 64GB SD-Card empty. But with another Dir-Tool some photos to see.

At least recoverd with Diskdigger in hours but some of the last photos currupt.

Other dirs seemd not to be involved.

So i'll try a new card - format in S7 and i'll use QuickPic instead of Samsund Galery-App.



My last 32 GB card was complete unreadable over night in my Samsund Galaxy S5 mini.

Nothing helps! It's still defect and no files could be recovered.


This just happened with my Galaxy S7 Edge, which was how I came across this post after a search to know what went wrong. I just picked up my phone from the wireless charging dock and noticed a notification to format my memory card. All the images had disappeared. The phone was unusually hot. But the problem was fixed after I restarted my phone.


But since this seems like a general problem, I would like to hear Samsung's explanation on this issue. By the way I am using Samsung microSDXC 128GB. The wireless charging dock is original fast wireless charging dock from samsung themselve. If their technology is incompartible then it's a serious problem. 

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I'm on my 3rd SD Card in my S7 Edge too, it had issues reading one when I first got it but lately it's been getting a lot worse.


1st card it corrupted, lost everything on it. (Was a Sandisk 128gb model)

2nd card it just flat out murdered. No device can even see it when plugged in. (Vertriam? 512gb card)

3rd card is a generic 32gb one as I'm loosing faith big style at this point.


Then today I finished a call and the phone just completely locked up, spent a good 15 minutes with just the pulsing Samsung logo and when it finally came back to life had an error message that the SD card couldn't be read, now I've tried reinserting it multpile times and it refuses to accept its got one in, then complains it's running low on storage space...


2nd Time I've had a Samsung phone and hated the thing with a passion. Hopefully I'll learn this time!

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