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Samsung S View Cover does not work anymore - April 2018




I have a samsung S6 for a year (still under warranty), with an original case Samsung S View (EF-CG920) that worked very well for several months with the android version 7.0. Several updates are passed under android 7.0 without problems, but the last yesterday (01/04/2018) is problematic. Since then the case is no longer recognized by the phone. And in addition the management of accessories in the settings (advanced management) is no longer available.


Take a look to my version :



Thanks for your help

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I do have the same problem after update coming in yesterday.


ugh me too, on my S7 but now im also getting 'always on display' popping up everytime i open my cover case saying IT HAS STOPPed.  my S view shows a black screen with only the status/notification bar showing in the window at the top where it would sit in the normal window.... so FRUSTRATING


I am really disappointed that Samsung does not deliver a solution because I am not an isolated case.

I'm not sure to trust Samsung again in my next purchase...

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