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Samsung Led Case

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I bough yesterday the led cover to my S8, the flip cover it's great and could be amazing because it haves lot's of potential!
The led panel it's an amazing idea but the cover got the hardware but lacks on software, the led panel don't show all the notifications, not all apps notifications can be showed on led panel or selected to appear on led panel, no option on stay time of notifications showed on led panel like 5s/10s/15s because they disappear quickly, no option to keep clock always on, no option to turn on led panel by touching it or with fingerprint scanner, no option to creat animated icons...
This cover with a good software update to all models of smartphones that use it, this cover can sell like peanuts, that won't happen now because of the lack mentioned by me here and all of the buyers.
Think about that Samsung, with a good software I will want this case in all colours.

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Still the same issue for s10. Too bad I just received my Clear View Cover today. Most likely I will be returning it!
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I totally agree with you I would also like more settings for the leds and always on is the biggest one for me tho 


Come on samsung pull your finger out and get this sorted please 

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