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Samsung Galaxy 7 burnt charger and phone

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Same happened to me last night with my Samsung Tablet S8. I purchased this year. Tablet was at 38% and I turned device off & plugged in charger the device came with. As it sat on my wooden entertainment center, I'm watching T.V. I smelled burnt plastic. As I realized it was coming from tablet I immediately picked it up to remove charger plug. Almost dropped Tablet as it burnt horribly. The little metal/plastic thing that charger plugs into is burnt on part of it and also the tip of charger is deformed as it has melted partially. Never had an issue previously. Charger was plugged into wall socket, not an extension cord. 

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Hi @Drophammer77.


I've sent you a private message asking for some further information regarding this.

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Yea I just woke up with a sparkling cable on my so right next to my face, I felt a sharp pain on my hand and couldn't sleep. I saw flashes of light which I thought were just coming from my s9, but it was the electricity from the cable and it had burned my hand. Luckily it was small, couldve been alot worse situation.


Hi @Moiz1


I've sent you a PM requesting some further details as I'd like to get this looked into as soon as possible, we take matters like this very seriously. Do get back to me as soon as you can, thanks!



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Galaxy 8 smell burns when charging ...
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