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S8 sudenly shows SD card as 'corrupt'

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Upgraded from S4 to S8, great phone with no problems until it stopped recognizing SD card I have transferred from S4. It is showing it as 'corrupt'. I've put it again into S4, works fine. It's Kingston, so not some no name card.

A quick look at US community forums shows that Samsung has rolled out a patch to fix the issue (it appears to be a software one). I have an unlocked European version of the phone. Any hope for a software fix here?

If this is a known issue with US versions of your phone there will most likely be a fix coming to European phones as well it just might take extra time as different regions have different people working on the phones. I would also advise you to notify Samsung about the issue so that they know that it's not just with US phones but European as well. In the mean time, you may have to rely on the internal storage. To get in touch with Samsung use this website below.
Hope this helps
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