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S8 LED cover not working from 1 Week

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I am using samsung s8 cover from past 6 months.It suddenly stopped working from a week.Tried all the display settings and NFC payment settings, still no luck.

Did anyone face similar issue recently?Please share if there are any solutions to it.

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Hi @swetha


If removing the cover and resetting does not work then cam you try the case on another Samsung phone and another case on your phone as a process of elimination ?

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Tried even putting the cover on another phone,still the same issue.unfortunately 

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Same thing happened to mine after a software update. It seems to be a common problem on other forums ave appears to be a software problem. Not found a solution yet and Samsung don't appear to be that interested.  


Same issue for me- software update and LED View Cover no longer works - unfortunatley I didn't bother to check online and just bought a new one.

The new one doesn't work either.

Help Samsung!

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Same issue - LED cover on S8 does not work after OneUI or Pie update

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