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S view after oreo update

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Hello, same problem on S7 and view. It was very useful to take a picture without opening the lid...

Hope it will be back very soon!


so I was told to back up my data from my phone, then do a complete reset of the phone.

this freed up any hiccups and allowed my S View window to be restored to my chosen picture.

this did not however add the 'old' icons visible in S View window.  


So today it happened to me as well. I accidentally run the update to oreo which I was ignoring for a long time, and my Sview cover is now useless. Thx Samdung! Very frustrated!!!

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This is Samsungs reaction:


Since Oreo OS, S-view cover concept has changed. App shortcut doesn't support anymore. But, the facewidget (music, calendar event, alarm) is supported.


So this new behavior is 'by design'. I'm definitely downgrading. :womanfrustrated:

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I was told there was going to come back with an upgrade

"S-view cover concept" they better change back since the features are perfectly reachable with a back cover.

So we all have to go to a back cover?



well i hope they also put back the sound choices for messages.  Ive lost the ability to seaprate my chosen notifications for each person.  also would be nice if they can give us a choice to CHOOSE a separate sound for each social network.  I cant decide if im receiving messages from  snapchat or other :smileyfrustrated:


Another problem is that: when the lid is closed, the screen changes between the lock screen and the "always on display" screen constantly every so often. That also helps drain the battery.
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I am having the same problem. Very upset. I also could not figure out why my battery was not keeping a long charge, now I know. Hope Samsung gets this fixed.

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I also just bought my S7 just before Xmas. Last Nov, AT&T screwed with my app's and deleted them, causing me to 'upgrade' from the S5 Active to the S7 Edge. The compromise was the new S-View features that I would have access to. I got the cover, when I got the phone. It seemed like a good deal, until the Oreo update back in May. NOW, I have joined the rest of you in being dumbfounded as to why the Samsung programmers/engineers would remove such a useful feature.

I have been researching this topic for two months now, including calling the tech line/help desk...nope.
I have read 'Beta' test by someone, who works at Samsung...nope. (really for two years?...nope)
I have read and tried, backup your phone and reset it...nope.
I have read and tried, take the cover off, reboot it, and replace the cover to force the phone to recognize it...nope.
I have read and tried, search for the Samsung app to replace it...nope.
I have read and tried, searching a third party app to replace it...nope.

I will wait patiently until the next update, and pray that the Samsung nerds fix this...or hello Apple...

Thanks everyone for letting me vent...Wayne
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After I lost my patience to wait for Samsung to do something, I decided to do the Downgrade.

There is enough information on how to do this (“Downgrade from Android 8.0 ROM to Official Android 7.0 Firmware – Easy”).

IMPORTANT: Be sure to back up everything in your samsung account (cloud). After installing Android 7.0, it takes about 2 hours to recover.

Believe me - it's worth it!

Now my S7 S-view cover works with all its functions!

I wish success to everyone!

PS: I will wait until I read that there is a new firmware (8.0 ....), where S7 S-view cover work and then I will update.

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