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S view after oreo update

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Same problem here after installing Oreo.
Unfortunately... :mansad:

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Oreo update gave to us new system features but also took almost all S View Cover funcionality. I used it everyday - my phone lay on the working desk with computer and through its cover window I checked and cleared notifications without opening the case. I was calling to my family members. It was quick and convenient.

I am not disappointed.. I am angry. Now S View is practically useless.


i use to have a picture showing on my s view, but now its just a clock. 

i did all that Apprentice

has said on this post. 

but the always on display is a nuisance at this point.  + 'always on display'  continuously stops.

If I try to change these settings I'm left with nothing showing except the status bar in s view.

and can someone tell me what this icon is showing on my status bar without my permission since the new update.

Ive had no response from SamsungScreenshot_20180627-191119_Samsung Experience Home.jpg



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I got the same issue and dont like the little icons tht appear on there now instead of ur message or another detail ie email, footy scores etc. Regretting doing the update at mo


have had contact with samsung on facebook, who suggested a back up of my phone and a complete reset. 

it brought back my window wallpaper but not the icons for direct calling and camera. 


Just backed up and did factory reset on my phone and guess what after all the messing about no different complete waste of time, should not have bothered as I did a reset when the trouble first appeared.

I did email the Samsung CEO of UK and Ireland but to no avail maybe I will write to head office in Korea see what they have to say.


Just a heads up.


There is also a topic about this on the Dutch forums. Over there a moderator replied that he passed in onto the Samsung Research and Development team to look into it and possible fix it with an update. 


Havent heard anything since. But there atleast Samsung is aware of the problem and looking into it.


i also contacted samsung in my country but was told that they would call me back or try a samsung diagnostic technician located in one of the shopping malls to look at my phone :womanfrustrated:


i contacted Samsung on Facebook. I got an immediate reply :womanhappy:



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If this is not fixed soon I am moving back to Apple Platform.

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I also seriously thinks about moving to another manufacturer. After the Oreo update, the S View cover really became useless. That cover isn’t very expensive, but now it’s wasted money. And the fact that Samsung does nothing to fix the problem, says that they don’t really care about us (customers).

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