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S view after oreo update


Samsung have really screwed up here. My expensive Samsung cover has been rendered useless by the latest update. Fix this quickly or it’s Apple here I come - you *****s!!

Same problem - Samsung and or Google have dropped the ball with the latest update!!

Same problem here. What screw up by Samsung and Google. Please fix it quickly. Or I want my money back!!!

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Same problem here. Very very disappointing from Samsung.

S View is what makes those devices unique and removing the feature just makes the device "just another android". I hope they fix it.


Same problem here. I've updated to Oreo on my S7 and the S-View cover looks strange when the phone is locked( is  there anyone with this problem?). When is unlocked and i close the cover looks normal( just the s-view window turned on), and the notifications, quick settings bar , and shortcuts for phone and camera app is no longer there. I hope Samsung would resolve that promlem soon.

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@mikimichaelmixa wrote:

I am really frustrated too. I loved my s-view possibilities. I cann't understand why even at these grand companies doesn't always prevails the pure logic. They had a genius feature and instead of upgrading it, they deleted it, without even mentioning it anywhere. What is then the purpose of s-view cases ? To see just this *****ty and inconvenient clock? I hope they are already preparing a new update. That was really an irrational apple-like move. Please, if anyone hearing, get serious....


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@rokoko wrote:

After I lost my patience to wait for Samsung to do something, I decided to do the Downgrade.

There is enough information on how to do this (“Downgrade from Android 8.0 ROM to Official Android 7.0 Firmware – Easy”).

IMPORTANT: Be sure to back up everything in your samsung account (cloud). After installing Android 7.0, it takes about 2 hours to recover.

Believe me - it's worth it!

Now my S7 S-view cover works with all its functions!

I wish success to everyone!

PS: I will wait until I read that there is a new firmware (8.0 ....), where S7 S-view cover work and then I will update.

Yes!!!! Thank you!! 😁 I thought i was stuck with this sh*t forever, or until Samsung decided to wise up

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Oreo has plenty of good stuff, I want S-View there.


Samsung should get this fixed...


In the meantime I have been back to the ClearView cover.



I have made a small video showing the problems with android 8.0 and the S view cover.
In addition the video shows the problem with the applications passed to the sd card and the last update of Samsung Experience



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The shortcuts and notifications in the S View window are features from that cover. With the removal of these features in Oreo 8.0, the S View Cover doesn't work like intended anymore, and this is a fraud.


I only want to know whether there will be a fix or not. I really dislike to downgrade my Android to get these things back.

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