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Note 8 gift promotion

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Why does it take so long to ship my gift promotion!!?? Has anyone received there's yet? I bought and register the Friday the phone was released and still have not received shipping information! I know it says 6-8wks but my God they sure wasn't lying! I mean it's kinda disappointing to have to wait so long. As large as Samsung is it should not take that long to ship. It's because they are free gifts they take there precious time. Speed it up Samsung!!!!

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Which gift wmis being shipped out ?


Sometimes these free gift promotions are linked to T&C's that the phone has to have been owned for 30+ days so a person cannot return it within any cooling off period. 


And yes these can be delayed due to supply and demand availability logistics and availability. 


I've seen a few posts from people where they'd run into initial snags when completing the claim forms and from others similar to yours where there's a waiting period. 


Some have received their Dex units but I've not read that many posts where they have in all fairness. 


I hope you get the gift asap @Astaab


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