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Note 8. Dex claim?

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Having issues using the cliam form one Samsung website. 

When it comes to uploading it won't let me  no matter what size of photo I use it comes up with error 413.

Can anyone advise please

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I'e been having same problem !

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I'm having the same problem. Any solution yet?

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No I've emailed, tweeted and face booked Samsung but nothing on how to resolve this.

A friend said he took a picture of the proof and compressed it but I can't figure out how to do that.

I emailed them and they replied within half an hour with a "blank" image attached. Once you complete the form with "blank" image you get the claim number and send email to them with this number and your invoice file. Hope it will help

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I used contact form on support page...
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I eventually some how compressed the image and it said sent so fingers crossed it's been submitted 

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Sure I've  seen that you do the claim between 30 and sixty days after purchase!

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I had problems too. but eventually I composed an email and had the photo as an attachment which email shrunk to send. I didn't send the email but saved the shrunk image and uploaded that and it went through fine.