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Moved all photos to SD Card, now all photos are out of order

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The other day I was checking my gallery and saw that a lot of photos and albums were stored on internal instead of the SD Card.  So I went thru and moved them all to the SD Card. Now, when I open the gallery and look at the photos they are all out of order, turned sideways, etc.  They also show in dates that are nowhere near the dates they were taken.  I'm finding it impossible to find my photos with over 18,000 or them.  Before I'd just scroll to when I took them.  I have gone into My Files and sorted by date but they are still the same. Is there a fix for this?  Thank you for any help.



I would start by moving them back to the phones storage and see what that does and then change the date on your phone and take some pictures then change the date again and take pictures and then have a look and see if them pictures taken are in chronological order, if they are then it would mean something has happened during the transfer process that has caused a certain type of corruption in which case i would recommend backing up the photos and deleting them.
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Thank you.  All the photos I've taken since or saved since are in order.  I have also noticed that many of the photos are showing as duplicates with one in the cloud and one on the sd card. 


I don't like that at all but I feel safer having them on the sd card so I can back them up on an external hard drive. Thanks again,  I'll try what you said.  Hope it works. 

In gallery top right hand corner click the three dots and you can turn cloud off and that will no longer show your cloud photos, also you get unlimited back up to google photos too good luck with everything
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Thank you.  I do pay $2.99 a month for the Google cloud. My problem is not understanding how so many of the photos are norw sideways and upside down, as well as ot of order.  I don't have the option in pictures to sort by date, only in albums.  I really don't want to put them all in one album and sort because I then can't get them back into the pictures. 

I would move them files to another folder of the same name.
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