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Has anyone heard from DEX?

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It's nearly a month now but I haven't heard anything back from Samsung regarding my DEX claim, anyone knows what is going on? 


As said on another post I quote 

"I wouldn't worry too much right now I have read upon pre-ordering it wiil be sent between 30-60 days, reason for this is so you don't buy phone and return it just to get the free gift"

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If you'd like an update on your claim you can also give the team a call on 0345 216 0123



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Say "hello!" and
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For those who are still waiting for the DEX just an update from my side, I recieved an email from Samsung to confirm my claim has been validated and within 30 days I will recieve my gift,. this is also reflected and shown in my Samsung account showing my DEX validated and will be updated to dispatched when ready to post.

So bare with them Samsung has sold more Note 8's then the Note 7 did so they have a lot of claims to go through and I'm more then certain they will honour every claim. Good Luck :-))))

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