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Galaxy S7 edge LED cover

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Has anyone else experienced a failing (LEDs stopped working) LED cover for the Galaxy S7 edge?  I reported it at the beginning of December and all I get back are holding e-mails.  Trying to phone in only results in 30 mins of music.

Are these covers only supposed to work for a couple of months?

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hi, had the same issue. I ended up doing a factory reset on my S7 edge and all has been fine since.
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I have the same problem but I am too scared reset my phone!

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It is the cover that is not working not the phone. No amount of phone resetting will ever bring the cover back to life. Samsung have now refunded me.
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Samsung have now picked up the non-working LED cover and have promised a refund.
I do not think that resetting your phone will have any effect on a non-working LED cover. When it dies, it dies.
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I have the same problem - Is there a factory reset? Only had my cover four months 

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Samsung gave me a refund, so I suggest contacting the selling organisation for your LED cover right away.  I replaced it with an ordinary cover as I was planning to upgrade the phone, and now I am almost 6 months in with an S8+.

You should note that the small print only gurantees the LED cover for 6 months.  After that you are on your own.


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Thanks for getting back to me Adrian - sadly I no longer have my receipt and the retailer won't accept my bank statement as proof of purchase. Samsung won't help as it's an accessory with no moving parts! So am left with an expensive cover with no featured