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Galaxy A8 and Neon Touch cover - recent problem on wake up

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I have the Neon Touch cover and the Galaxy A8 since March 2018 working with no problems. However very recently (Oct 2018) I started having the following problem:

- the cover is closed and the screen is off (as normal).

- open the cover and the screen wakes up and comes to life with the Home screen (apparently as normal)

- however the screen is not responding to any touch input

- Only after I tap the "Back" arrow button first does the Home screen respond to touch inputs


This is a bit annoying and it was not behaving like this up till now.  Before, opening the cover would bring me to a fully responsive Home screen (without needing to press Back).  The fact that everything works after I press the back button implies for me that it's a software problem.


Soft reset does not solve the problem.


 I'm running:
Andoird version 8.0.0

Samsung Experience v9.0

Base band version A530FXXU3BRI1

Build version:  R16NW.A530FXXU3BRI1


Any ideas?


ChrisM Moderator

If you receive a call with the cover closed, are you then able to open the cover and answer or reject the call, @dbone?

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Yes there's no problem answering if I receive a call.  In that situation I open the cover and I see the usual answer call screen and I can answer no problems.  The only problem exists when I open the cover in normal use which switches on the display showing me the Home screen (I have no lock/pin/password set up).  Here the Home screen is not responding to any presses until I press the back button once.

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