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Earbuds promotion is a joke

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So 3 months ago purchased my Note 10 plus and validated for samsung earbuds at the very same day .Got validated withing couple of days.

Waited two and a half months and before two weeks got email that delivery company did not succeed delivery and they have been returned .I did not recieve email or call or sms that they had been sent out at 1st place .And now samsung just wont answer on emails.


Dear samsung DO NOT make promotions if you cant fulfill your end of the deal.

At this point starting with damaged monitor screen on transit ( besides beeing packed well) declining my warranty and now instead 45 days its been 3 months and ignoring on promotion side.


Used to have many pleasent experiances dealing with Samsung but at this point its more as a bad joke.


Has anyone else recieved promo earbuds or they treat only me like a donkey? 

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