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Buds apparently out of warrenty


Hello, I was looking for some advice from you lovely lot.

I've just got of the phone from Samsung and I'm not happy.

I bought a pair of buds for my autistic son in June this year because he is struggles in loud and areas, he's had them just under 6 months and the right bud has devolped a sound balence fault the left one audio is fine but the right hand bud is barely audio, he finds day to day activities difficult as the balence issue is a distraction to him.

The lady on the phone at Samsung said they are out of warrenty (6 months apparently) and can't help as I paid by cash and I don't have a recipt,  surely this is against the consumer rights act in UK? £100 for a low income family was a big commitment for us, can anyone advice me how to fix them?



Hi @Terry1643 , Doesn't sound right that. :(


If it's the Galaxy Buds you've got, then they're covered by a 12 month warranty:


Buds Warranty.JPG


Any troubleshooting that you've done already on the Buds? We've got a quick guide here on how to improve the audio quality here for example.


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