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Bowers & Wilkins PX headphones

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Did the same 'After turning down the power button. Wait for the pulsing blue light and then push and hold the power button and keep it down 2 minutes.' Worked for me too. Was getting worried after many attempts to pair. Thanks!
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I've been traying to connect my note 10 with my headphones and it is impossible! Pleade advice, becuse I can't use them, the note 10 can't be connected by cable 

Think they may not be compatible with your phone by the sound of it.
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Go into "settings", choose "about phone" and then "Phone name" and give it a name (example Ted's S7). Then go your Bluetooth settings and try to scan/search for the B&W headphones you want to pair and select it. This should work and the headphones will pair.  The Samsung device name is causing issues that would be my guess. 

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