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Bud case loss solution?

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Hi all,


After being an iPhone customer for years, two weeks ago or so I bought both a Galaxy S10 phone and the buds, a purchase worth about 800 Euros. 


I was unlucky enough to lose the buds case a few days ago.


I tried to buy it at the Samsung online store, however, I could not find it. Which I found really surprising, especially because after a letter Google search, I could find cases on Amazon for just a few bucks. 


I got in touch with a customer service rep through Messenger, and got even more surprised when he told me that Samsung's policy with regards to this matter is asking its customers to buy a whole new set! 


Why would I have to buy a whole new set when I have the buds, which I am very happy with, by the way. 


It makes no sense at all. 


While I understand it is my fault to lose the case, I should be able to simply buy a new one. I cannot possibly be the first and only person this occurs to. Sounds reasonable? 


As said, I've been an iPhone user for years, however, migrated to Samsung because after doing my research, I objectively consider it a better product alltogether, I mean, the specs are there. 


However, the overall experience, the after-sale and customer service experience is very poor so far. And this is very, very important if you want your clients not only to come, but actually stay with you, right?


At this point, I'm not sure whether I'd recommend your products to my circle. 


I hope you can provide a resolution.






Superuser II
Superuser II

Hi Omar,


Unfortunately, I haven't seen the cases being sold separately yet. I've only seen mostly silicon cases to put around the original case. But if you say you've found the case for sale online, what exactly is the issue? You could then purchase it through Amazon which means you'll have a case, or am I missing something?

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